Disc Golf

In partnership with the Springfield Disc Golf Club, the Springfield Park District has constructed two disc golf courses available for public play. Both Lincoln Park and Duncan Park feature a complete 18 hole disc golf course. To learn more about leagues, tournaments or just getting started please visit our partners at discgolfclub.org.


  • Please do not litter and pick up any trash that may not be yours. Leave the course cleaner than when you visited.
  • Begin play by flipping a disc or by other arrangements prior to beginning.
  • If the fairway is blocked by park pedestrians or for other reasons, skip the hole until able to return. Be patient and courteous of others in the park.


  • One stroke is equal to one disc throw.
  • Tee throws must take place at designated tee areas.
  • After tee throw, player furthest from hole always throws next.
  • Player with fewest throws on previous hole throws first on the next.
  • Lead foot can not be any closer to hole or dog leg than where the disc lie from previous throw.
  • A ‘run up’ or a ‘follow through’ throw is allowed up to 10 meters (~33ft) to hole.
  • Once inside 10 meters (~33ft), no ‘falling’ or ‘jumping’ putts allowed.
  • Disc must rest in basket for a successful completion of hole. May not rest on top of pole.
  • Any disc that lands 2 meters (~6.5ft) or more above the ground is not playable. A one stroke penalty is incurred and player must throw from directly below the disc.
  • Any throw that goes out-of-bounds, i.e. water, roads, etc., a one-stroke penalty is incurred.
  • Throws may not take place until the player(s) ahead is out of range and there are no pedestrians or guests in the fairway.


Lincoln Park
Duncan Park
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