Capital Projects

Capital planning is a key element to the future success of the Springfield Park District. Outdated parks and facilities can limit our organization's delivery of products and services. Few, if any, of our facilities are exempt from significant physical renovations, improvements or new construction required to meet their functional expectations. Major renovations and new construction at the Springfield Park District fall into the category of capital improvements, as do substantial repairs and equipment replacement, which would not be included in our normal maintenance and repair budget.

Planning for capital development and improvement at the Springfield Park District can be a complex combination of demands, financing and the long range plans for the District. The Park District has prepared a capital plan that establishes the priority projects for the budget cycle. Input to the plan includes projects that were not funded in the last budget cycle and are still a priority to the organization, plus new requests for projects that are physically and financially feasible. Input and requests come from a variety of areas within the District, including the Recreation Department, Parks Department, Finance Department, Marketing Department and the Athletic Associations. The number of worthy projects generally far exceeds available funds. Therefore, funding priorities become an important part to the capital planning process.

The Springfield Park District utilizes the following criteria to assist in determining the priority of a requested project.

  • Health and Safety Issues
  • Impact on Operating Funds/Reduces Expenses
  • Code Compliance
  • Potential for Revenue Generation
  • Previous Commitment
  • Potential for Additional Outside/Alternate Funding


Please note that on August 16th a paving project will begin at the Rose Garden Parking lot and the road leading up to the Botanical Garden in Washington Park.  Please see the area in yellow on the map below.  Weather permitting, the project should take 2-3 days to complete.  Areas in yellow will be closed to parking and through traffic.  Check back here on our Website for any updates that would extend the paving project timeline.


In 2017 the Springfield Park District started construction on a new Holding Building for the South African Penguin Exhibit at the Henson Robinson Zoo.  Capital Funds were appropriated in the 2016 Bond in order to finish the funding needed to get phase 1 of this project underway.  The Architectural Firm of WDM Architects out of Kansas were chosen after RFPs were submitted and firms interviewed.  The project went out for bid this Spring and CAD Construction from Peoria won the lowest bid.  We broke ground on demolition of the old Penguin Holding Building on July 24th and Construction for the new building starts Monday, August 7th.  Be sure to visit the Zoo and watch as the construction progress continues throughout the remainder of the summer and early Fall.  Tentative completion date is slated for late November 2017.  Our playful South African Penguins will still be on exhibit in their temporary home in the Australia Exhibit.

The Springfield Zoological Society is currently fundraising to raise money for phase 2 & 3 which will include a reduction in exhibit yard, all new fence-line as well as a new up-close viewing area for the public and keeper chat location.

Design Concept:

  • Create a new experience for visitors arriving at the Zoo
  • Build a new animal management center for the welfare of the penguins
  • Meet or exceed AZA Guidelines
  • Provide a variety of views and different experiences for the visitors.
  • Create spaces to bring the animals closer to the visitors
  • Transform the overall aesthetics of the exhibit to reflect the South African coastal feel

See the 2017 Penguin Roll Out image below which illustrates the construction design and build for the Holding Building by WDM and the proposed overall exhibit concept additions for phase 2 & 3 from AFH Design.