Erin's Pavilion

4965 S 2nd Street Springfield, IL 62703

Phone: 217-585-2941

Hours: 8:00- 4:30 CT


Erin's Pavilion opened its doors in May of 2010 as a fully accessible multi-use facility. It is the welcome and visitors center for Southwind Park. Erin's Pavilion is a 15,000 square foot indoor building which facilitates recreational, interpretive and educational programs, services and special events. It has quickly become Springfield's newest premiere rental facility for weddings, banquets, social galas, business meetings and expos. It has been built with environmentally conscious features with sustainability at the forefront and has achieved the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Platinum status!

The Pavilion’s 5,000 square foot main hall can be arranged to accommodate up to 300 guests and has all the table and chairs you would need to host a successful event. It can be sectioned off into four separate meeting rooms, each hosting access to the beautiful terrace with a panoramic lakeside view. Brides have successfully staged their weddings on our terrace and then come right inside to host an elegant affair for the evening. Erin’s has an audio-visual systems and projectors on sight to enhance any event or meeting.


Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 8:00am - 4:30pm

Lobby Hours:
Sat - 9:00am - 3:00pm          Sun - 9:00am - 12:00pm
(Open later with private rentals)


Admission into Erin's Pavilion is free, however room space is reserved through private rental agreement, subject to availability and fees apply.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Parking
  • Fully Handicap Accessible
  • Water Fountain with Bottle Filler
  • Restrooms
  • Adult Changing Stations
  • Showers
  • Diaper Changing Stations
  • Vending Machines
  • Benches and shade respite areas
Erin's Pavilion Lobby Image

Erin's Pavilion Lobby Area

Erin's Pavilion Main Hall Empty

Full Main Hall Open at Erin's Pavilion

KSID Erin 17.jpg

Erin's Program Room

KSID Erin 13.jpg

Erin's Pavilion Conference Room


Erin's Pavilion Back Terrace

Wedding Furniture Back Terrace at Erin's Pavilion

Erin's Pavilion Back Terrace setting

Erin's Main Hall Decorated for Wedding Reception

Erin's Main Hall Wedding Set Up

Erin's Pavilion Decorated for Wedding Reception

Erin's Main Hall Wedding Reception

Erin's Back Terrace set for Wedding Ceremony

Erin's Terrace Set for Wedding Ceremony

Erin's Pavilion Gazebo staged for wedding Ceremony

Erin's Gazebo Wedding Ceremony Setup

Erin's Pavilion Accessible Trams

Erin's Pavilion Accessible Trams



Tammy Naumovich
General Manager

4965 S 2nd St, Spfld, IL 62703

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April McClintock
Administrative Assistant

4965 S 2nd St, Spfld IL 62703

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How many guests does Erin's Main Hall hold?

Erin’s Pavilion can accommodate a maximum of 300 guests. In order to fit comfortably and to have room for areas such as a Bridal Party table, dance floor, buffet line, etc., we recommend 250 guests. However, the room can be set for 300.

Are there tables and chairs?

YES: We have 300+ chairs and plenty of tables. The table and chairs are there for you to use INSIDE of Erin’s Pavilion rental spaces. We have 6ft Rounds (72” diameter) that seat 8-10 people. And we have 5ft rectangular tables (60” x 30”) for business/classroom style setup or to be utilized for catering, buffet lines, head tables, etc. Renters may need to rent additional rectangular tables from an outside vendor if their event requires more than what we have available. 

Can I have whomever I want to cater my food and for bar service?

NO. For groups of one hundred invited guests or more you will need to use our Pre-Approved Caterer’s list for your food and bar service. There are several to choose from. Our approved caterers serve a wide variety of budgets and food styles. However, if you have a smaller group (under 100), then you may bring in food of your choice. Outside/unapproved alcohol is NOT permitted inside Erin’s Pavilion or on Park District property.


Do you provide linens?

We do not provide linens for Weddings. You will need to contract that either through your Caterer or through a local Rental Vendor. However, a standard white square linen is included in the price for Social Rentals and Business Meetings only (12 linens allotted per rented section: additional linens $5 each). Please speak to a Sales Representative for further discussion on parameters regarding linens.

Does Erin's Pavilion set up tables and chairs for renter's event?

YES: For the interior spaces only. The staff at Erin’s will work with you to define how many people will attend your event. We will provide you with an empty floorplan and then work with you to design your room layout as the event date draws near. We will set up your tables and chairs prior to the time of your event and set up a time in which you plan to come in to decorate. We will also take the tables and chairs down at the end of the event.

When are we allowed to set up for our event, and is time allowed for that outside of our event gathering time period?

YES: We will recommend timeframes during your allotted rental for you to set up and stage your event, such as a couple hours in the morning or right before your event begins, depending on what you need to stage. Each type of event has slightly different blocks of time, so please refer to whether you are hosting a Wedding, Meeting or Social Event to plan for how much time you will have to set up. We do not allow you to set up any time prior to the date of your event, unless you were to rent the space for that additional date. We cannot accept deliveries prior to your event date, nor can we store items. All décor and supplies must be delivered and removed on the date of your event. Your timeline is crucial, and setup and tear down must be taken into consideration before you set the actual hours of your Wedding, Meeting or Party.

Who is responsible for cleaning up my event at the end of the night?

We ask that you, as the renter, make sure that your garbage makes it into the appropriate receptacles. You and your Caterer are responsible for bussing the guest tables and cleaning all the areas of your use. Everything you bring in, (i.e.: linens, centerpieces, décor, dance floors, etc. will need to be taken home with you THAT NIGHT.) All evening and weekend events need to end no later than one hour before the closing time of Erin's Pavilion (closing time may vary due to seasonal time changes and staffing issues), so that the clean-up can be performed before the 12am closing time of Erin’s Pavilion. You will need to plan your event accordingly. Erin’s Pavilion will also have daily and nightly maintenance staff to assist with any incidental clean ups, stocking of bathrooms, and taking the garbage out.

Are we allowed to have alcohol at our event?

YES: Alcohol can be provided by one of the Pre-Approved Caterer/Bar services only. If you have a smaller event of less than 100 people, you must provide Erin’s Pavilion staff with a Certificate of Liability that names the Springfield Park District as additional insured for $1,000,000 in order to serve any alcohol at your event. You can only “provide” beer and wine to your guests if you are not going through an approved caterer/bar service. A Certificate of Liability can be purchased through your Insurance Agent or through other Insurance Agencies. Please let us know if you need assistance finding an Insurance Agent.

WEDDING PARTIES –WE DO NOT ALLOW consumption of unapproved alcohol. You are not allowed to bring any alcohol into the building that is not being served by your pre-approved caterer/bar service. Zero tolerance on this policy!

Is it possible to host our Wedding and Reception on the same property at Erin's Pavilion?

YES: We have several options for arranging the rental area in order for you to host your wedding outside at Erin’s or in Southwind Park. We rent the terrace, right outside behind Erin’s, the Gazebo across the lake, the Treehouse, the Selvaggio Arches or Southwind Gardens. It is easy and convenient to host your ceremony here; you will just need to consider a weather plan, for very hot or rainy days. There are no refunds due to inclement weather. Lastly, you may want to rent trams for guest transportation to alternative wedding sites in the park such as the Gazebo, the Treehouse or Selvaggio Arches.

If we do host our ceremony at Erin's Pavilion, what do we do about arranging for a rehearsal?

Erin’s Pavilion will note that you want to have a designated time the night before to do a rehearsal. These areas will need to be scheduled to not interfere with another event/rental. Rehearsals are subject to availability and are dependent on event rentals at Erin’s the night before. Erin’s Pavilion staff will not be present to either unlock the facility for your rehearsal, nor will they be required to be in attendance for it. If you require special programming with staff for this or need exclusive rights to your area, then you will be required to reserve and rent that space for the day before.

I hear that if we are hosting an event at Erin's, you have trams that we can rent to shuttle guests to another wedding site in the park or take the bridal party out for pictures.  What is a tram and how many passengers do your trams hold?

Trams are golf carts that pull a trolley type of vehicle on the back. They hold up to eight passengers including one wheelchair passenger. Trams are rented in one-hour blocks of time, and we will schedule our staff as drivers. Due to staffing needs, trams must be reserved no later than one month prior to the date of your event when you make your final payment. If there should be rain on the date of your event, Erin’s Pavilion staff reserves that right to cancel tram service due to inclement weather. There will be no refunds because of rain.

Are we allowed to have candles on our tables as part of our décor?

YES: However, Candles must be contained in a glass container taller than the top of the candle flame. This is a Fire Marshall code/law and will be followed very strictly at Erin’s Pavilion.

Can we hang things from the ceiling like paper lanterns or other items as part of our décor?

YES: However, you must go through a licensed and insured decorator to do so. We do not let private parties utilize our lift equipment or hang things from the ceiling. Erin’s Pavilion staff will need to know who you would be contracting this service with before we could allow this form of décor to move forward.

Park District Code of Conduct

These are just a few of the rules for the use of grounds and facilities with the Springfield Park District at Erin's Pavilion. We expect that all vendors and patrons abide by our District Code of Conduct and will be held accountable for their behaviors when visiting the property. 
Please see a full copy of this document, just click the link to view.  PARK DIST CODE CONDUCT