Committee Meetings

The Park Board schedules regular committee meetings on a monthly basis. In the event that agenda items do not exist for a particular committee, that meeting will be cancelled. If you plan to attend a committee meeting it is strongly recommended to call ahead and check the schedule. Agendas will be provided at the meeting. To obtain an advanced copy of the agenda please call 544-1751. All meetings are open to the public and are held at the Administrative Offices located at Bunn Golf Course at 2500 S. Eleventh Street.

2019 All Committee Meetings: Buildings & Concessions, Long Range Planning, Liaison, Recreation, Grants & Marketing and Finance Committee 

Month        Date         Time               Location                       Address            
January         9             5:30 pm         Bunn Admin Offices    2500 S 11th St

February       13           5:30 pm         Bunn Admin Offices    2500 S 11th St
March           13           5:30 pm         Bunn Admin Offices     2500 S 11th St

April              10           5:30 pm         Bunn Admin Offices    2500 S 11th St

May               8             5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices     2500 S 11th St

June              12           5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices     2500 S 11th St

July               10           5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices      2500 S 11th St

August           7            5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices      2500 S 11th St

September    11           5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices      2500 S 11th St

October          9            5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices      2500 S 11th St

November     13           5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices      2500 S 11th St

December     11           5:30 pm        Bunn Admin Offices      2500 S 11th St

Committee Meeting

Wednesday, October 9th at 5:30 pm  - AGENDA

Meeting at the Bunn Admin Office 

Committee meetings will be held on Wednesday the week prior to Board meeting and will be located at the Bunn Admin Office located at 2500 South Eleventh Street at 5:30 PM

Springfield Park District
Board and Committee Structure

Finance & HR

Chair:                         C.J. Metcalf              

Members:                  Grant Hammer, Sierra Senor Moore and Robin Schmidt

Scope/Description:     Oversight includes annual budget and appropriation ordinance, annual operation and capital budget, purchasing and insurance, tax rate/levy, statement of claims, approval of banking, financial, insurance and related larger vendors/suppliers.

Long Range Planning

Chair:                         Grant Hammer            

Members:                  C.J. Metcalf, Sierra Senor Moore and Lisa Badger

Scope/Description:    Oversight includes development and implementation of long range comprehensive master plan for redevelopment of existing parks and amenities, acquisition and development of newly acquired green space, plans for green space initiatives in Community and related matters relating to long range goals of District.

Grants & Marketing                   

Chair:                          Lisa Badger    

Members:                   Robin Schmidt, Sierra Senor Moore and Kris Theilen

Scope/Description:    Oversight includes review and approval of grant applications (especially for matching resources – OSLAD) on an annual or as-needed basis, planning for development campaigns to benefit the parks and recreation needs of the community.  This Committee will also oversee the District’s marketing/promotion plan.

Buildings & Concessions          

Chair:                         Robin Schmidt                          

Members:                  Lisa Badger, Kris Theilen and Grant Hammer

Scope/Description:    Oversight includes approval of professional service agreements with Architectural, Landscape, Engineering and related professionals, structures, sports fields, concession areas and related structures in parks, concession, rental and related agreements by third party groups and/or individuals including requests of alcohol sales and distribution approval and related matters.


Chair:                         Sierra Senor Moore                           

Members:                  Kris Theilen, CJ Metcalf and Lisa Badger

Scope/Description.    Oversight includes review and approval of annual event & program plans, newly created program/event plans, promotion plans, revenue producing facilities and services (ie golf), fees and charges for services.


Chair:                         Kris Theilen                       

Members:                  Robin Schmidt, CJ metcalf and Grant Hammer

Scope/Description:    Oversight includes outreach initiative to public organizations, clubs, organizations and related or potential user groups (third parties) through intergovernmental agreements, cooperation agreements (private for profit and not-for-profit) that benefit the parks and recreation needs of the Community.