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Organizers who plan a special event on Park District property must get written approval from the Park District prior to the event. Permit fees will apply to events that generate revenue on park property.

Charity walks/runs can help organizations raise significant funds by leveraging people’s desire to help others while filling their basic need to get in shape. The Park District makes it easy for organizers to host a walk in Washington, Lincoln and Southwind Parks.

Walk Packages Include:

  • United State Track and Field Certified race courses (2mile and 5K) *excluding Southwind Park
  • Marked courses with and accompanying race course map *excluding Southwind Park
  • Barricades for large walks to prevent vehicular traffic *excluding Southwind Park and Lincoln Park
  • Exclusive use of the picnic shelter during the event *excluding Southwind Park

Please Note: Extra Tables, Trash Cans and a dumpster may be added for additional fees. 
Events with more than 100 participants expected will be required to rent portable restrooms at the event permittees expense.

Wanting to host a charitable Walk, Run or Event? These activities require a special permit, with additional fees reserved at specific amenity shelters. 

Download the Park District Walk/Run Event Application and email it to parks@springfieldparks.org  SPD WALK/RUN APP


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