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Ice Skating on our Park Lagoons


Ice skating on our park ponds is a timeless winter tradition that evokes a sense of nostalgia and winter wonder. As temperatures drop and frosty winds sweep across the landscape, frozen ponds in local parks transform into enchanting ice rinks, inviting skaters of all ages to glide gracefully over the smooth, glistening surface. Take a look at some safety tips to remember before ice skating at one of our park ponds. 

Safety Tips

  • Know the strength and thickness of ice before skating or walking on it
  • Never venture out on ice alone... always bring a friend 
  • Avoid ice with air bubbles in it. This indicates it may be weak
  • Don't walk near partially submerged stumps, limbs, or rocks, where ice is weak
  • Avoid ice over moving water
  • Slush is a warning sign that ice is deteriorating
  • Ice may not be the same thickness all over
  • Stay away from "stickups" like brush, logs, plants, or docks
  • Ponds will be checked daily and monitored accordingly
  • Snow cover on ponds hide cracks and open ice