"It's a Workshop...It's a Funshop...It's a Learning Shop"
Dedicated to Our Children "Who Make it All Worthwhile"

1601 North 5th St

Ages 16 months to five years

Location: Lincoln Park Funshop building

Every effort is the result of a synergy of experiences and people. The Funshop program is no exception. It represents a culmination of over 40 years of work with children and families. As a company of people and collective hearts, the Funshop staff is proud to serve the Springfield community. Funshop is an exciting, early education program for parents and children “together.” It has been uniquely designed to provide the optimal one-on-one learning experience. The program offers a unique, play-based environment where parents and children can be interactively engaged in the wonderful world of learning. The foundation of the innovative Funshop experience is a firm belief that parents are not only a child’s first teachers but also his or her most trusted and influential educators.

There are a ton of tantalizing toys and interest areas that will capture your children’s imagination, strengthen their communication skills, exercise their decision-making skills and enhance their sensory motor skills. At least one parent, relative, or caregiver must accompany each child to every class.

For a listing of classes, days, and age ranges go to: FUNSHOP. For all other questions, call 217-753-6234 or email us at funshop@springfieldparks.org.

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