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Bunn to Lost Bridge Trail

Empowerment Rd and Faith Avenue Springfield, IL 62703

Hours: - CT


Distance: 1.5 Miles


This trail is an extension of the Lost Bridge Trail that goes from Springfield to Rochester. From its western terminus, the first half mile is a heavily wooded section of urban rail-trail. It has a bridge across a creek that runs from the small lake in the golf course of its namesake Bunn Park. There are Street Crossings on Dirksen Pkwy and Taylor Ave.

With the opening of the Stanford Avenue extension, a side path now connects the western terminus with Fox Bridge Road at the southeast corner of Bunn Park. The next phase of the Stanford Extension involves widening Stanford between Fox Bridge Road and 11th Street and adding a side path there. When this first section of trail reaches Taylor Avenue, there is a spur across to Dreamland Park, where there is another 0.3 mile of trails throughout the park. From there, the trail continues for another mile alongside city streets to its eastern terminus at the IDOT parking lot. On its way, it passes another park, schools and businesses.

Trail end points: 

Empowerment Rd. and Faith Ave. and S. Dirksen Pkwy. and E. Ash St.

Trail Head:

A. IDOT Building on Dirksen Parkway (parking lot)
B. Abundant Faith Christian Center (parking lot)

Trail surfaces:

Asphalt, Concrete

Trail category:


Parking Trail Access:

Parking is available at both trail ends: On the west, at the nearby Abundant Faith Christian Center; on the east, at the IDOT building on Dirksen Parkway.

To reach the IDOT parking from I-55, take Exit 26B and turn left onto S. Dirksen Pkwy. Proceed 0.8 mile and turn left into the parking lot (at E. Ash St.).