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Wabash Trail

Wabash Ave and S. Park Ave. Springfield, IL 62704

Hours: - CT

Wabash Trail

Distance: 3 Miles


This 3-mile trail is located on Springfield's southwest side. It follows an old railroad right-of-way that is also used as an overhead electrical transmission corridor. The trail begins near the intersection of MacArthur Boulevard and Wabash Avenue. It continues west to Park Avenue where a parking lot trail head is provided. It continues west across Chatham Road and Veterans Parkway and terminates at Robbins Road.

The trail extends along residential, commercial and some industrial land uses. Along the route, Wabash Trail passes by Vredenburgh and Westchester parks. These parks could be used as trail heads providing parking and other facilities for people using the trail.

Trail Head:

Wabash & Park Ave
BJ Grand Salon on Robbins Rd (parking lot)

Residential Access:

Vredenburg Park
Westchester Park

Trail surfaces:


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