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Local Photographer Gets Second Place in IAPD Photo Contest


In the world of photography, every click of the camera shutter has the potential to tell a unique story. This sentiment holds true in the Illinois Association of Park Districts' (IAPD) recent "Give Us Your Best Shot" Photo Contest, where Maurice Shallow, our second-place winner, showcased a remarkable ability to capture the essence of our parks through the lens of his camera.

Maurice's winning photograph, "Reflection," stood out among the impressive entries, embodying the spirit and beauty of our parks. The image skillfully framed a close up of the native wildlife at Carpenter Park, highlighting the intricate details that often go unnoticed. As we explore his work, we are invited to see the world through his eyes, appreciating the subtle nuances that make our parks extraordinary.

The IAPD photo contest serves as a platform for talented individuals like Maurice to share their unique perspectives. It celebrates the diversity of our parks and the creativity of those who find inspiration within their boundaries. Maurice's second-place win not only recognizes his photographic skill but also highlights the community's collective effort to preserve and appreciate the beauty of our outdoor spaces.

As we congratulate Maurice Shallow on his well-deserved second-place win in the IAPD "Give Us Your Best Shot" Photo Contest, we are reminded of the power of photography to inspire, connect, and celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. Maurice's work stands as a testament to the magic that happens when passion meets the lens, enriching our understanding of the parks that play a vital role in our communities. We look forward to more moments captured through the lenses of all those who find joy in sharing the beauty of our natural spaces.